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Books to Read

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We have WELL-OVER 400 children's and adult books in our library available to borrow!

They range from Roald Dahl, and Dr. Seuss, through to old copies of "Mad Magazine", Jim Woodring and then to highbrow books on the cell, and even the concept of nothingness.

More structured reading is also available in the form of graded 'readers'. Let's look at these readers below.

Below I have set out some levels and recommended books, but you are also welcome to look at the catalogs and choose your own book!





(*= I have read it and I personally recommend it 講師が読んでおすすめのもの)

(** = I have seen the movie (or TV), and it's good 講師が映画・TVで見てよかったもの)

(Purple Words= We have this book in our library)

Macmillan Readers

Starter Level 1 (300 key words) A1

"Around the World in Eighty Days"

"L.A. Detective"

"In the Frame"

Beginner level 2 (600 Key words) A1

"The Last Leaf and Other Stories"

"Princess Diana"

Elementary Level 3 (1,100 Key words)

"The Hound of the Baskervilles" */ **

"Treasure Island" *

Pre-Intermediate Level 4 (1,400 Key words) A2-B1


"England" [This is an excellect book that comes with two fantastic CDs!]

Intermediate Level 5 (1,600 Key words)

"Dracula"*/ **

"The Perfect Storm" **

"Touching the Void" **

Upper Intermediate Level 6 (2,200 Key words)

"Moby Dick" *

Pearson Readers

[English Kids Readers (6-12 year old)/ English Story Readers (6-12) / English Active Readers (12 and up) / English Readers (Level 1-6)

easy Starts (200 headwords) A1

"A New Zealand Adventure"

Level 1 (300 headwords) A1

"Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea"

level 2 (600 headwords) A2

"Kidnapped" **

"Moby Dick" *

"Three Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes" *

"Treasure Island" *

Level 3 (1,200 headwords) A2


"The Count of Monte Cristo" *

"Dracula" */**

"The Fugitive" **

"Stories of Survival"

Level 4 (1,700 headwords) B1

"The Bourne Identity" *

"The Time Machine" */**

Level 5 (2,300 headwords) B2

"2001: A Space Odyssey" **

"The Body" (Stephen King) */**

"The Firm" */**

Level 6 (3,000 Key words) C1

"Animal Farm" (George Orwell) *

"The Beach" **

"Misery"(Stephen King) **

"Snow Falling on Cedars"

Penguin Readers

Level 1 (350 headwords)

level 2 (550 headwords) A2

"Barack Obama" (old level 2 'Elementary' 600 headwords)

Level 3 (1,000 headwords)

Level 4 (1,200 headwords)

Level 5 (1,600 headwords)

"Love Actually" (old level 4; 1,700 HW)

Level 6 (2,000 headwords) B1+

"Viruses and Pandemics"

"The Baby Party and Other Stories" (old level 5 'Upper Intermediate' 2,300 words)

"The Baby Party" (old level 5; 2,300 HW)

Level 7 (2,500 Key words) B2

"Captain Corelli's Mandolin" (old level 6 'Advanced' 3,000 words)

"Remains of the Day" (old level 6 'Advanced' 3,000 words)

Oxford Bookworms Library

Starter (250 headwords)


Level 6 (2,500 headwords)

"Pride and Prejudice"

"Jane Eyre"

Cambridge Readers

Starter (250 Headwords)

Level 1 (400 headwords)

level 2 (800 headwords)


Level 3 (1,300 headwords)

Level 4 (1,900 headwords)

Level 5 (2,800 headwords)


Level 6 (3,800 headwords)


More to Come!

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